Metricon Stadium: Beyond the Game, Embracing the Experience

The Gold Coast, Metricon Stadium has etched a significant mark in the annals of sporting history. With its inception dating back to the late 1980s, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and chart the evolution of this iconic venue. 

1987-2003: The Birth and Early Days 

Conceived in 1987, Metricon Stadium, then known as Carrara Stadium, emerged as the vision of entrepreneur Ron Clarke – a beacon of hope, promising to revolutionize the local sports scene. It started its journey as the home ground for the Brisbane Bears AFL team. However, the facility was relatively rudimentary, with the need for a revamp becoming apparent over time. 

2003-2011: Transformation and Rebirth 

In 2003, the stadium underwent extensive renovations, a mammoth project that spanned over eight years. This refurbishment saw the stadium transform into an architectural marvel, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and poised to accommodate a vast array of sports and events. 

“The revamping of Metricon Stadium in 2003 marked a significant turning point, not just in the Stadium’s history, but also for the Gold Coast sports scene as a whole.”

2011 to Present: The Golden Era 

The renaming of Carrara Stadium to Metricon Stadium in 2011 ushered in a golden era. The stadium quickly became a symbol of pride and prestige in the region, hosting notable events such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and a myriad of AFL games, that reverberated its fame far and wide. 

Today, Metricon Stadium stands as a testament to the evolution and growth of sporting venues in Australia. From its humble beginnings to its present glory, this iconic stadium has truly embraced the ethos of ‘Beyond the Game’.

Exploring the Various Seating Options at Metricon Stadium

Step into Metricon Stadium and marvel at the array of seating options this architectural marvel has to offer a section of seating stands  to providing a top-notch spectator experience. 

A Glimpse into the Seating Options 

The Gold Coast SUNS’ home ground, the Metricon Stadium, boasts an array of seating arrangements designed to cater to every kind of spectator. Whether you’re an adrenaline-fueled sports enthusiast or a corporate guest seeking luxury, Metricon Stadium has you covered. 

  • Premium Seats: Nestled in prime locations, these seats offer unrivaled views of the action. They are perfect for die-hard fans who wish to immerse themselves in the pulsating heart of the game.
  • General Admission: These seats spread across several sections of the stadium, offering fans a chance to experience the game from varying perspectives.
  • Corporate Suites: For those seeking elegance and exclusivity, Metricon Stadium offers opulent corporate suites. These are ideal for entertaining clients or celebrating special occasions in style.
  • Club Membership Seats: Reserved for club members, these seats offer a sense of belonging and camaraderie like no other.

Seating Capacity: A Closer Look 

Metricon Stadium boasts a seating capacity of 25,000 for AFL games and can be expanded up to 40,000 seats for concerts and special events. Let’s break this down: 

Seating OptionCapacity
Premium Seats5,000
General Admission15,000
Corporate Suites3,000
Club Membership Seats2,000

The unique design of the seating areas ensures that spectators are as close to the action as possible, enhancing the overall experience. 

“The spectator is not merely a passive observer at Metricon Stadium, but an active participant in the spectacle. The stadium’s layout and seating design make you feel like you’re part of the game, rather than just watching it.”

From the electrifying atmosphere in the premium seats to the breathtaking views in the corporate suites, the seating options at Metricon Stadium cater to everyone’s taste. Explore the different options and immerse yourself in the riveting spectacle that unfolds at this iconic sporting destination.

Food, Drinks, and More: The Ultimate Guide to Dining at Metricon Stadium

Decadent Dining Options 

A plethora of dining options await you, from the quick and casual to the truly sumptuous. The food scene at Metricon Stadium is undeniably diverse, catering to all types of taste buds. 

  • Fast Food: For the quick bites, there’s a selection of well-loved classics. Dive into the juicy burgers, crispy fries and more at the various fast-food outlets scattered around the stadium.
  • Healthy Options: For the health-conscious, there are plenty of nutritious and delicious options. From fresh salads to fruit bowls and smoothies, you won’t have to compromise your diet on game day.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: For the adults in the crowd, a good range of alcoholic beverages is available. Enjoy a cold beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail, always served responsibly.

Unique Stadium Eateries 

What sets the Metricon Stadium apart are its unique in-house eateries. With a strong focus on locally sourced produce, these dining zones are a foodie’s paradise. 

“Dining at Metricon Stadium is an experience in itself. The food scene here is vibrant and diverse, truly adding to the overall match day experience.”

From the members-only Metropolitan Room that offers a fine dining experience, to the relaxed and casual vibe of the Skyline Lounge, there’s an eatery for every occasion. Enjoy the stunning views of the Gold Coast skyline as you dig into a delectable meal, heightening the thrill of the game day. 

Guidelines for an Enjoyable Dining Experience 

While dining at Metricon Stadium is a delightful experience, here are a few guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day: 

  1. Check the opening hours: Stadium eateries and food outlets have specific opening times. Make sure to check the timings before your visit.
  2. Reserve ahead for exclusive dining zones: Some eateries require a reservation. If you’re planning to dine at one of the exclusive zones, it’s advisable to reserve a table ahead of time.
  3. Drink responsibly: While alcoholic beverages are available, remember to drink responsibly and adhere to the stadium’s alcohol policies.

In essence, the Metricon Stadium offers a thrilling combination of sports and dining, making every visit a well-rounded experience. So the next time you’re there for a game, don’t forget to explore its fascinating culinary landscape!

The Best Ways to Get to Metricon Stadium and Where to Park

Arriving at Metricon Stadium is an adventure of its own. It’s here where the anticipation of the game starts to build, where the camaraderie of fellow fans begins to echo, and where the grandeur of the stadium first makes its splendid impression. Getting there is easier than you may think, whether it’s by public transport, private vehicle, or a combination of both. Let’s delve into the most hassle-free ways to reach Metricon Stadium and where to park your vehicle once you arrive. 

Public Transport: A Convenient and Eco-Friendly Choice 

Public transport offers a seamless, stress-free, and green alternative to get to Metricon Stadium. Gold Coast’s exemplary public transport system provides regular and reliable services to the stadium. The match-day shuttle services are especially convenient, looping between various key points and the stadium, ensuring you never miss a beat of the action. 

Private Vehicles: The Joy of a Self-Paced Journey 

For those who cherish the freedom and flexibility of a self-paced journey, driving to Metricon Stadium is a delightful option. However, please note that the stadium doesn’t offer public parking on event days. So, where should you park? 

Event Day Parking: Planning Ahead is Key 

Though the stadium doesn’t provide public parking on game days, fear not, as there are plenty of alternatives available. Several nearby locations offer parking services, however, pre-booking is a must to ensure your spot. Make sure to arrange your parking in advance to avoid any game-day rush. 

Tip: Always allow extra travel time on game days. The roads around the stadium can get quite busy, and it’s best to arrive early to soak in the pre-game atmosphere at Metricon Stadium. 

So, whether you’re a local sport enthusiast or a visiting fan, navigating your way to Metricon Stadium has never been easier. Choose the mode of transport that suits you best, plan ahead, and let the journey to the game be part of your Metricon Stadium experience.

Metricon Stadium Beyond Sports: Hosting Concerts, Events, and More

When the roaring cheers of the crowd fade and the dust settles after a thrilling match, Metricon Stadium transforms. It morphs from a pulsating sporting arena to a versatile event hotspot, hosting world-class concerts, corporate events, and so much more. Its flexibility and adaptability extend beyond sports, showcasing its multifaceted character. 

 Concerts take center stage as Metricon Stadium doubles as a spectacular open-air concert venue. The grandeur of the stadium coupled with top-notch acoustics has attracted a stellar line-up of international artists. From the melodic tunes of the Rolling Stones to the pop anthems of P!nk and Ed Sheeran, Metricon has played host to some of the most electrifying concerts in recent history. 

Corporate Events and More 

But it’s not just about the music. Metricon Stadium’s Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Event (MICE) facilities are a testament to its versatility. Offering a range of unique spaces with breathtaking views of the impeccable grounds, the stadium provides an inspiring setting for corporate events, conferences, and seminars. 

From intimate board meetings to grand galas, Metricon Stadium caters to events of all sizes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

And there’s more. Metricon Stadium is also home to various community events, food festivals, and lifestyle exhibitions. Each of these events is seamlessly accommodated within the stadium’s sprawling precinct, a testament to its adaptable design and thoughtful planning. 

So, whether you’re cheering on your favorite team, singing along to a chart-topping hit, attending a corporate conference, or sampling culinary delights at a food festival, Metricon Stadium is more than just a game. It’s a destination that offers a myriad of experiences, each as captivating and unforgettable as the next.

The Sustainability Efforts and Initiatives of Metricon Stadium 

Commitment to Sustainability 

What makes Metricon Stadium more than just a sporting venue is its deep-seated dedication towards environmental sustainability. The management team has not merely constructed a world-class stadium, but they have created a sustainable ecosystem that thrives on the principles of resource conservation and environmental responsibility. 

Energy Efficiency Initiatives 

The stadium is a shining testament to energy efficiency. The harnessing of natural resources is achieved through a variety of means: 

  • Energy-efficient lighting: Metricon Stadium has replaced standard lights with LED options, drastically reducing the energy consumption during night games and concerts.
  • Solar panels: The stadium has installed solar panels, which harness the abundant sunshine of Queensland, converting it into usable energy and significantly reducing the venue’s carbon footprint.

Water Conservation 

In an era where water scarcity is a growing concern, Metricon Stadium’s water conservation efforts are laudable. From the installation of rainwater tanks for irrigation purposes to the use of water-efficient fixtures in restrooms, the stadium ensures that every drop counts. 

Waste Management 

Waste management is another environmental aspect where proactive measures have been taken. Emphasizing a culture of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ Metricon Stadium has: 

  1. Implemented recycling programs for paper, plastic, and food waste.
  2. Encouraged the use of recyclable materials for packaging in their food and beverage outlets.
  3. Incorporated the concept of composting leftover food, turning it into nutrient-rich soil.

“The future of our planet is in our hands, and we are firmly committed to doing our part. Through our sustainability initiatives, we aim to inspire others to do the same.” – Management, Metricon Stadium

Indeed, Metricon Stadium stands not only as a beacon of world-class sport but also as a testament to sustainable development. Its example offers a roadmap for other sporting venues worldwide, demonstrating that game day excitement and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

Metricon Stadium Beyond Sports: Hosting Concerts, Events, and More

 Metricon Stadium stands as a remarkable hub for concerts, events, and much more. This architectural marvel, designed to both captivate and inspire, transcends the conventional definition of a sports arena, embracing a multi-dimensional approach to entertainment. 

A Venue for the World’s Greatest Performing Artists 

 Metricon Stadium is not just for sports. It’s also a sanctuary for music lovers. From the iconic Rolling Stones to the captivating Taylor Swift, Metricon has hosted an array of world-renowned artists, thus engraving its name in the annals of music history. 

An Exemplary Platform for Events 

With its advanced facilities and strategic location, Metricon Stadium sets the stage for a plethora of events. From local community gatherings, business conferences, to grand expos, the stadium provides a seamless blend of convenience and sophistication. The flexible design allows for customization of the space, catering to unique needs and delivering a truly memorable experience. 

An All-Encompassing Experience 

But it doesn’t stop there. Metricon Stadium extends its embrace beyond concerts and events, offering a range of amenities that elevate the experience. Think gourmet dining, luxury suites, and state-of-the-art technology, all contributing to an atmosphere that’s as exciting as it is comfortable. 

At Metricon Stadium, every event is a spectacle, every concert a celebration, and every game a battle of legends. The stadium doesn’t just offer a seat, it presents an experience.

So, the next time you walk through those towering gates of Metricon Stadium, remember, it’s more than just a game. You are stepping into a world where entertainment meets excellence, where every moment is designed to leave you in awe.

Embrace the Atmosphere 

The pulsating energy at Metricon Stadium is palpable. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, the vibrant atmosphere is infectious, pulling you into the heart of the action. Look around and you’ll see faces etched with anticipation, hear the riveting cheers, and feel the collective heartbeat of fans echoing through the stands. 

Food and Beverage 

What’s a game day without delectable snacks and refreshing drinks? Metricon Stadium offers an array of food and beverage options to satiate your game-day cravings. From classic hot dogs to gourmet burgers, and from refreshing beers to hot beverages, there’s something for everyone. 

Explore the Stadium 

Before the game begins, take a moment to appreciate the architectural marvel that is Metricon Stadium. With a capacity of 25,000 seats, it is an elegant structure of functionality and aesthetics. Wander around, soak in the details, and marvel at the stadium that effortlessly merges sport, culture, and architecture. 

At Metricon Stadium, it’s not just about the game – it’s about the experience. Every element, every moment contributes to a unique spectacle that’s hard to forget.

With this guide at your disposal, you’re all set to conquer game day at Metricon Stadium. So, wear your team’s colors, bring your cheer, and prepare to be a part of something truly magnificent.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Inner Workings of Metricon Stadium

Step into the backstage, where the magic happens and the adrenaline builds. This is Metricon Stadium – from the inside out. The home of the Gold Coast SUNS AFL team, Metricon Stadium is a world-class facility with an array of hidden gems that come together to create the unforgettable game-day experience. 

First, let’s explore The Control Room. This high-tech hub is the nerve-centre of the entire stadium, where all the game-day entertainment is orchestrated. From the pulsating music to the mesmerizing lighting effects, everything is controlled from this buzzing room. 

“When you’re in the control room, every second counts. It’s a thrilling environment where we shape the game-day atmosphere.”

Next up, we have The Player’s Pavilion. This is where the athletes prepare for the battle, strategizing, warming up, and focusing on the game ahead. Walking through the pavilion, you can feel the intensity and anticipation in the air. 

And then, there’s the Media Concourse. This is where the stories unfold, the interviews are held, and the game is analysed in depth. The Media Concourse is equipped with top-notch facilities to ensure seamless coverage of every match. 

“The Media Concourse is the bridge between the game and the audience. It’s where we bring the action, emotions, and drama of the game to the fans.”

Let’s not forget about the Stadium Maintenance Crew. They are the unsung heroes who ensure the pitch is in perfect condition and the facilities are running smoothly. Their tireless work behind the scenes ensures that the stadium is always ready for action. 

Finally, there are the VIP Suites. These luxurious spaces offer unparalleled views of the game, gourmet dining, and first-class service, giving VIPs a game-day experience like no other. 

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in creating the spectacular experience that is a game day at Metricon Stadium. Behind the scenes, it’s a world of strategy, precision, and passion. So next time you’re soaking in the atmosphere on a game day, remember the intricate inner workings that make it all possible.

Metricon Stadium: A World-Class Venue for Concerts and Events

 Metricon Stadium is not just a sports hub. This world-class venue is a pulsating epicenter of high-energy concerts and diverse events, infusing the city with a unique rhythm of exhilaration and anticipation.

The Concert Experience

Picture this: The stage, bathed in a multitude of vibrant lights, stands as a beacon against the inky night sky. The pulsating energy grips the air as anticipation mounts. Then, the music ignites, and a wave of ecstasy sweeps across the electrified crowd. This is the concert experience at Metricon Stadium, an experience that transcends the ordinary, transforming into an unforgettable memory. 

From international superstars to local talents, Metricon Stadium has been graced by a plethora of artists, bringing varied music genres to life on its grand stage. The Rolling Stones, Queen, and Elton John are just a few of the iconic names that have lit up the night at this remarkable venue.

Events Beyond Concerts 

But the Metricon Stadium event experience extends beyond concerts. Its versatile design and cutting-edge facilities allow it to host a wide array of other events. 

  • Sporting Events: Not just a home for Australian Football League’s Gold Coast Suns, but a stage for other sporting spectacles, including cricket and rugby.
  • Exhibitions: From car shows to lifestyle expos, Metricon brings a diverse range of exhibitions to the Gold Coast.
  • Corporate Gatherings: Equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities, it’s an ideal location for business events and conventions.

Whether it’s the thunderous applause a at concert, the thrill of a sporting event, or the engaging atmosphere of a business convention, Metricon Stadium is a destination that delivers beyond expectations, inviting you to go beyond the game and truly embrace the experience.

From the Field to the Concourse: Food and Drink Options at Metricon Stadium

 Metricon Stadium offers a gastronomic adventure that sports enthusiasts and food lovers alike would truly appreciate. The stadium is not just about the game; it’s about the overall experience. With a vast array of food and drink options available, everyone is sure to find something to tantalize their taste buds. 

From classic game day staples to gourmet offerings, the variety of food at Metricon Stadium is truly impressive. Peppered throughout the concourse, you’ll find everything from mouth-watering burgers to delectable seafood dishes. The food stands serve hearty meals that perfectly cater to the energetic, fun-filled environment. 

But the culinary journey doesn’t stop there. The stadium also boasts several bars and lounges, each with its own unique ambiance. Whether you’re craving a cold beer, a glass of fine wine, or a cocktail, Metricon Stadium has got you covered. 

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the stadium’s standout food and drink options: 

  • The Grill: Offering juicy grilled specialties like steaks and burgers, this is a foodie’s paradise. The Grill’s distinct smoky flavors are a testament to their formidable grilling skills.
  • The Seafood Stand: From fish and chips to fresh oysters, this stand is a seafood lover’s delight. Their dishes are always fresh and full of flavor.
  • The Bar: This is where fans gather to toast to their team’s victory (or drown their loss). With a wide range of drinks available, from beers to signature cocktails, there’s something for every adult in the crowd.
  • The Wine Lounge: For a more refined experience, the Wine Lounge offers a selection of premium wines. It’s the perfect spot for a pre-game catch-up or a post-game analysis.

With such an extensive selection of food and drink options, Metricon Stadium isn’t just a venue for sports; it’s a hub for gastronomic indulgence. So, next time you’re here, make sure to go beyond the game and embrace the full Metricon experience.

A Multi-Purpose Stadium: Beyond Sporting Events

Imagine a venue that isn’t confined to the boundaries of sports. A multi-purpose coliseum that effortlessly transforms, catering to a plethora of events, each more diverse than the last. This is the reality of Metricon Stadium, an embodiment of adaptability and versatility. 

It’s not just a stadium; it’s an experience, a delightfully versatile amphitheater that hosts far more than electrifying sports events. Think concerts with international stars, captivating exhibitions, and grand-scale corporate events. All these, and more, find a home in Metricon Stadium. 

Concerts and Shows 

From the electric strums of a rock concert to the mesmerizing performances of a theatrical spectacle, Metricon Stadium’s expansive field and state-of-the-art acoustics make it a dream venue for concert organizers and attendees alike. Its capacity to accommodate massive crowds in an open-air ambiance provides an unforgettably immersive experience. 

Fairs and Exhibitions 

Whether it’s a bustling trade fair or a fascinating art exhibition, Metricon Stadium’s expansive spaces can be seamlessly adapted to suit. Its adaptable infrastructure, complemented by comprehensive facilities, ensures each event is a resounding success. 

Corporate events and conferences 

Captivating the corporate world, this stadium offers an unmatched venue for seminars, product launches, and high-profile meetings. Its sophisticated environment and top-tier amenities offer a refreshing change from the typical corporate setting. 

“Metricon Stadium is more than a sporting arena; it’s a hub of entertainment and corporate activity, bringing people together for experiences beyond the game.”

With its versatility and provision for diverse events, Metricon Stadium stands as a testament to innovative architecture and the power of multi-purpose design. Whether it’s the roar of a sporting crowd, the harmonious symphony of a concert, the buzzing atmosphere of a fair, or the focused intensity of a corporate event, Metricon Stadium holds the ability to morph and elevate the experience beyond the ordinary.

The Spectacular Design of Metricon Stadium

Imagine yourself standing before an architectural masterpiece, a perfect blend of function and aesthetics that is the Metricon Stadium. This impressive structure, completed in 2011, has since been a beacon of Gold Coast’s spirit and sporting prowess. 

When you first lay eyes on the Metricon Stadium, it’s hard not to be taken aback by the sheer magnitude of its design. A visual symphony composed of wide arches, sleek lines, and towering masts, all skillfully woven together to create an iconic spectacle. The architects, Populous, known for their futuristic and cutting-edge designs, have truly outdone themselves with this monumental creation. 

The stadium’s design is more than just aesthetics. It’s a meticulously planned layout that prioritizes both fan experience and player performance. Let’s delve into what makes this design so spectacular: 

  • Dynamic Architecture: The striking elliptical shape, immense roofline, and impressive entry sequence are all designed to create a sense of awe and anticipation, setting the stage for the thrilling action within.
  • Spectator Comfort: With 25,000 permanent seats, multiple food and beverage outlets, and top-notch amenities, the stadium ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all spectators.
  • Player Facilities: World-class dressing rooms, training facilities, and direct tunnel access to the field elevate the player experience, promising optimal performance.
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Metricon Stadium is not just a visual delight but also a testament to sustainable architecture. It features energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and a construction that maximizes natural ventilation.

Moreover, the stadium’s design is flexible, allowing for future expansion to accommodate up to 40,000 spectators. This adaptability underscores the foresight of the architects and the commitment to ensuring the stadium remains a premier sporting destination in the years to come. 

“Metricon Stadium is a testament to the power of design, blending function, aesthetics, and sustainability to create an unforgettable sporting experience.”

So, the next time you find yourself at Metricon Stadium, take a moment to marvel at the architectural brilliance around you. The stadium is more than just a venue for sports; it’s a symbol of Gold Coast’s dynamism, reflecting the city’s robust spirit and its love for the game.

Where is Metricon Stadium located?

 whispers of the game’s thrill traverse the air, and the cheers of fervent fans echo in your ears, you’re unmistakably at the heart of Australia’s vibrant Gold Coast, home to the iconic Metricon Stadium. An architectural gem nestled within the lush landscape of Carrara, this stadium boasts more than a prime geographical location.

Carrara – A Sporting Enclave

Carrara, a suburb fringed by the Nerang River, is a sporting paradise. Offering a balance of natural beauty and urban amenities, it’s a locale that resonates with the energy and dynamism of sports. It’s here, at the intersection of Nerang-Broadbeach Road, that you’ll find Metricon Stadium standing tall, with the sparkling Gold Coast skyline as its backdrop. 

Accessing Metricon Stadium 

Whether you’re journeying from the heart of Gold Coast city or from the neighboring suburbs, reaching Metricon Stadium is a breeze. The stadium is conveniently situated just 12 kilometers inland from Surfers Paradise and a mere 8 kilometers from the bustling Gold Coast CBD. An array of transport options awaits, promising a seamless journey to the gates of this sporting haven. 

  • By Car: Multiple routes lead to the stadium, with ample parking facilities available on-site.
  • By Bus: Regular bus services run from various points across the Gold Coast, right to the stadium’s doorstep.
  • By Train: The Queensland Rail City Network connects to the stadium, ensuring effortless accessibility for spectators from far and wide.

Awash with the spirit of sportsmanship, the city of Carrara and the Metricon Stadium invite you to join in the celebration of sports, to immerse yourself in the captivating energy of the crowd, and to experience the thrill of the game in a setting that’s as inspiring as the matches it hosts.

What is the seating capacity of Metricon Stadium?

Arising from the heart of Carrara, Queensland, Metricon Stadium stands as a testament to architectural prowess and sporting passion. With its modern design and state-of-the-art facilities, the stadium paints a vibrant picture of Australia’s love for sports. But it’s not just the aesthetics or facilities that set Metricon Stadium apart; it’s the sheer magnitude of its seating capacity that truly leaves spectators in awe. 

Metricon Stadium boasts a seating capacity of 25,000 for regular sporting events. This capacity can be expanded to accommodate up to 40,000 spectators for special events such as concerts, making it one of the most versatile sporting venues in Australia. Imagine the electrifying atmosphere, hearing the collective cheer of thousands of fans echo through the stadium, adding another layer of exhilaration to the game day experience. This is what Metricon Stadium offers. 

But there’s more to the seating capacity than just numbers. Metricon Stadium’s seating arrangement is designed to provide an unobstructed view of the field from every seat. So, no matter where you’re seated, you won’t miss a moment of the action. This level of consideration for the spectator’s experience truly sets Metricon Stadium apart. 

“Metricon Stadium’s seating capacity isn’t just about accommodating large crowds; it’s about creating an immersive and thrilling sporting experience for every spectator.”

So, whether you’re a die-hard sports fan looking to join the chorus of cheers, or simply someone seeking to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of a live event, Metricon Stadium with its impressive seating capacity, is ready to welcome you into its captivating world of sports.

What is the cost of attending an event at Metricon Stadium?

Metricon Stadium, an architectural marvel nestled in the heart of Gold Coast, Australia, promises its visitors an experience beyond the thrill of sporting contests. But what does it cost to immerse oneself in this adrenaline-charged atmosphere? 

It’s important to note that ticket prices at Metricon Stadium can vary significantly based on factors such as: 

  • The type of event or match
  • The seating category chosen
  • Whether it’s a regular season game or a high-stakes playoff

For instance, the prices for an Australian Football League (AFL) match typically range from $25 for general admission to upwards of $150 for premium seating options. Keep in mind, prices can spike for high-demand matches or special events. 

“No matter the cost, one thing is certain: attending an event at Metricon Stadium is a unique experience that offers value far beyond the ticket price. The electrifying atmosphere, the architectural beauty, the sense of camaraderie among fans – all these elements combine to create memories that will last a lifetime.”

For a precise estimate, it’s always best to check the official Metricon Stadium website or the hosting team’s site. They provide real-time information about upcoming events, ticket availability, and pricing. Remember, each game is not just about the sport – it’s about embracing the exhilarating Metricon Stadium experience!

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